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Top 11 Social Media resources

Over the past few months, I've been researching on Social Media for Business. Here are 11 Social Media resources you should grab immediately!

Everyone it seems was learning by touch and feel, and nothing was set in stone. We recently saw the emergence of some sort of a business model applied to social media. ROI, Strategy and Etiquette were established which would guide us to market products and services. Facebook launched Pages and we saw brands jump on the bandwagon. Mobile strategy was being deployed. 

While there are over a 200 PDF's in my Social Media folder (most of which I have not read yet), the fastest way to get up to speed on your Social Media initiatives is to browse through these links.

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The State of Social Media 2012
Social Media experts share their views not the landscape in 2012. For growing businesses, social media has come a long way. It's now time to leverage the power of social media, focus your energies and build up that elusive social strategy

Radian 6
A growing collection of case studies, ebooks, white papers, and videos created to help you understand the social web.

HubSpot Academy
From webinars to case studies, the HubSpot Academy will arm you with loads of resources


Facebook for Business
With over 955 million Facebook accounts, how can your business target the right audience and turn them into customers

Social Media Business Etiquette
What are the rules of engagement for your social channel. Contributors provide their tips for social media business etiquette.

The Social Powered Enterprise
A 25 page ebook that will teach you on the customer service, sales and marketing


Facebook Statistics from SocialBakers
Daily updates Facebook statistics for more that 200 countries. You can drill down into each to see top brands and media as well as user demographics.

Klout measure your influence in social networks.


An Introductory Guide to Building Landing Pages

Guide to creating Facebook ads and sponsored stories


Facebook Studio
Facebook Studio showcases the agencies and brand marketers that are driving business growth and conversations using Facebook.