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Coupled with Sacha Baron Cohen's genius performance, this highly offensive mockumentary comedy has made it to the top.

Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen, Pamela Anderson
Director: Larry Charles

Finally. I had in my hand the original DVD of Borat. Acclaimed and highly referred, this material is called the funniest film of the year. Coupled with Sacha Baron Cohen's genius performance, this highly offensive mockumentary comedy has made it to the top continously mocking Kazakhstan and USA. A very fundamental but ingenius storyline.

Borat Sagdiyev is a likable TV personality who is sent by his government to the USA to understand their cultural differences. During the film he travels to the USA and documents his encounters with the locals mocking them about their culture.

With no comparitive economy, Borat finds himself not understanding the concept of hotel rooms, toilets and etiquette. He struggles with the concept of money, affection towards women and is oddly anti-Semitic towards Jews.

While the concept will make you shift uncomfortably in your seat, it highlights the factors that determine what culture is. The finely honed skills we have developed over the ages are what make up the idea of community. Borat tests these waters, even takes a shot at them. I was left wondering that we're like zombies; we have created our perfect world and the rules that govern them. Call it what you want - democracy, freedom or the patriotic ammendments in an old parchment.

The journey continues from New york as Borat is attracted to a lifeguard in a re-run of the TV show Baywatch, Pamela Anderson. His attraction convinces him that he has to travel to California to meet and marry her.

I've not felt this funny in quite a while, hysterical till I had to stop myself in the fear of bursting the blood vessels in my brain. This is truly a funny movie and will be appreciated by people with a good sense of humour.

Sacha is adept at this. With previous spoof TV characters we all know him as Ali G in Madonna's video to Music. If you've just gasped at this, then you'd appreciate at how adept Sacha is at his job. How he manages his straight face, I don't know.

Sacha has also co-written the screenplay, and managed to win a golden Globe for best actor.

This much controversy is not left unnoticed. According to Wikipedia, someone in the Kazakhstan embassy in the US has called Borat a "one-man diplomatic wrecking ball."

This film is truly magnificent. Very "sexy time" you will have. Worth the price of the DVD. So go out and get one.

My name a Borat. Nice to meet you. High five!