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A 6-min recap of the hits of 2014

Christina, Meghan, Jessie, Taylor, Katy, Nicki, Iggy, Ariana, Beyonce, Cristina, Jennifer, Lilly, Miley, Rita, Sia, Shakira, Idina, Usher, Tiesto, Jason

Get Superfast 4G in Oman

Superfast 4G in Oman has just been activated for the iPhone users, and if you're one of those struggling, this post should help you get up and running.

New Beginnings

Another year has gone by. Many things done. Milestones achieved. Memories and moments captured. Some treasured, some let go.

Say hello to the Paloma

Happy New Year! I'm sure we're all celebrating 2013 as it comes, so here's a drink that struck me a most appropriate - off with the old and in with the new.

Goan Fish Curry Recipe

Usually served with a portion of steamed rice, it is spicy and tangy, and enhances the flavour of freshly caught fish.

Goodbye 2009

Despite the good weather, calm waves and a light cool breeze, I am trying to write this while my new office is being setup.

WordPress 2.6

I've been test running WordPress 2.6 for a week now and all looks good. Codenamed 'Tyner', 2.6 visually is different from my previous 2.3.2.

Macheads, the movie

Already receiving some bad reviews on the subject matter, but it has piqued my curiosity anyway.

Happy Easter 2007

Wishing all my friends a Happy Easter 2007. May the spirit of the season be a reflection of good things to come.


Society of Handheld Hushing

While I was travelling from the city, I was seated next to a bright suited gentleman who was trying to score a deal over his cellphone.