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Chasing Liberty

Every family has a rebel. Even the First Family.

Cast: Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode, Mark Harmon, Caroline Goodall
Director: Andy Cadiff

Anna Foster (Mandy Moore) the teen daughter of US President James Foster (Mark Harmon), is fed up of constantly being monitored and followed by the secret service. Her dates, which are rare given her status, usually end up embarrassing because of ever-jumpy security personnel accompanying them.

On an ensuing presidential trip to Prague, Anna begs her father to promise at reducing her security to just two known faces whom she is comfortable with. But with Anna being in the company of her rich-spoilt friend, Gabrielle, James just puts more plain-clothes men around her hoping that she wouldn’t notice.

At a local concert, Anna does notice the bunch and is frustrated being deceived by her father. She manages to escape their hold with the help of a bystander and his scooter. Ben Harper (Matthew Goode), the bystander, is actually one of the Presidents men, but decides to go along for now. When the President actually realizes this, he decides on allowing his daughter a little bit of ‘controlled freedom’, forbids Ben to reveal his identity and just stay with her, no matter what. Anna, unaware of all that is happening, just thinks that she has evaded her entourage and hopes to finally look at her ‘freedom’ in the face.

From the architectural marvels of Prague, to the romantic gondolas of Venice, they go, their journey finally cumulating at the fabulous Love Parade at Berlin.

The movie has a good script, is funny and romantic and has great lead performances. Although predictable, considering the hordes of directors using the genre, Andy Cadiff, has managed a good piece of work. He has also captured Europe beautifully adding depth to the romance factor of the movie.

Overall, a good flick for a lazy weekend, hysterical and truly romantic.