So check this out. Cuil pronounced 'cool' as I've read elsewhere is a search engine with the largest index at a 120 billion web pages.

Yup, even more than mighty Google. It's managed by former employees of Google, so you know that they got it right.

I'm gonna start evaluating the search engine a bit after a few days so that I can write a review here. Will try and keep it down to what we really use search engines for and how accurate the actual results are.

Although the interface is very much newer and upto today's web 2.0 standards, I was actually surprised by this... Last evening I looked up my name on the index and it wasn't there. No mention of my blog/website or of any of the website profiles that I'm listed in. So as usual with these search engines, I sent an email to get it indexed. Now for a very long time I've been under the assumption that it usually take 3-4 weeks to just get a site in the index. That's what's being written about Google, Yahoo! and all the other search engines.

To my absolute astonishment, I was listed this morning... less than 12 hours later. Top marks, I think. Now that's really Cuil!!!