Do you judge too quickly?

After a two day team building event last weekend, my mind's been plagued by a variety of questions.

The main premise of the event was to work out how communication was important in the organization and how it was possible to communicate effectively.

The exercises at first were easy to comprehend and one could understand the psychological complexity of the returns. Individuals identified with the subject matter and co-related their experiences. One such query that came to my mind is if we as people are too quick to judge. Be it circumstances, tasks, or people.

How many times have we said, 'Oh this looks easy?'. I've only too often scoffed at the gym over someone else's exercise routine shrugging it off as too 'girlie'. Or commented on the attitude of the person because of the clothes he/she wears. Or wondered if a person is capable because of where he/she comes from.

The common mistake is how we take individuality for granted. And individuality is as uncommon as the feathers of a Dodo. Traits may be common, but individuality is always unique. Even twins are unique. So how would one in a position of authority actually tackle this.

It becomes serious when you consider that judgment comes from another individual. So a blanket of rules are out of the question. Education only does half the job. If the individual defines his individuality, how can anyone else define his judgment?

What else? This is what I'm trying not to lose sleep over...