Goodbye 2009

Happy New Year 2009 sincerelymedia @Unsplash

Despite the good weather, calm waves and a light cool breeze, I am trying to write this while my new office is being setup.

I always ponder on the year that went by before entering into the new year. This year it's been exceptionally busy at the end of the quarter and with no time for proper sleep yet again this week, I find it hard to think about anything else.

Recession and all, I don't think I did that bad actually. Being salaried does help and a timely jump to this new job saw a growth as far as finances are concerned. Stress levels shot up a few notches and a few gray hair sprung up. Thankfully no hair recession.

By June I got engaged to this lovely girl who I've been seeing for almost two years now and wedding bells will be ringing. We went to Goa and enjoyed the rains while introducing her to some of the Goan delicacies. She's loving the choris-pao concept and that's good enough for me.

The last quarter was extremely hectic to say the least. Juggling a new job, a new product launch, an office relocation, and wedding preparations - I was bound to put off some attention from one or more of those. For those who know me, work always remained primary - my fiancée disapproved.

Hopefully 2010 will be dedicated to these preparations, house shifting - and with it come the endless lists of things to do. April 15 is wedding day and at the blink of an eye I can foresee 20 different things that I need to do instead of writing this post. I think I already know now what my New Years resolution will be, tsk tsk.

There have been some concerns like my lack of social activity lately - Christmas greetings went out very late and only to those who sent me some. I put up a standard Christmas greeting up on Facebook and that was it. My friends saw less of me this year. This blog remains stagnant and boring. I'm not usually like that.

This all is set to change. 2010 will not be worse than 2009.

Wish all a very prosperous New Year 2010. Cheers.