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Hello #Pablo

Buffer officially launches Pablo, a quick and easy service to design engaging images for your social media posts. In under 30 seconds!

We've seen a surge in social posts using images with text on them (see the featured image on this post). They are easy to setup and are supposed to boost engagement by making the content more enticing and clickable.

Pablo is free and easy to use. Type out a headline, and if you need, add a secondary headline. Choose from 10 popular Google Fonts to style your text, select a size, formatting and choose a colour. Next, use any of the stock images provided or upload your own images. You can use background options to blur the image or to change it to black & white for effect.

You can also add an image as an icon, though a PNG with transparency looks better here.

Drag and move things around. Resize the icon using a handy slider.

Lastly, the images can be downloaded or sent to your Facebook, Twitter or a Buffer account.

All this from one screen! Impressive, huh?

Pablo may seem to look light on features, but remember that its the quickest way to get a cover image for your post. If you need more control, that's what Photoshop is for :)