Moving to Google Apps

So yeah. I finally decided to take a plunge and buy a domain. While shopping I looked at Brinkster, Yahoo! Small Business among others.

For my purpose, specially since it's a Personal website, I decided to opt for the free Google Apps.

The main purpose of the same was actually coz I'm testing the process of Google Apps for a client and said, it's now or never for my site. What the heck, it's only ten dollars. A quick purchase at Google and I was registered a brand new domain -

So far Google Apps work as advertised. Mail, Docs, Sites and Calendar. I've pulled in all my email from my usual Gmail Account and processed it into a new address at the new site, uploaded my CVs and other documents, created a first page to direct visitors here (while I switch DNS) and yeah, imported-exported Calendar to and from my Macs iCal application.

Apart from $10, the rest of the applications and email is absolutely free aka GMail. I can POP3, IMAP or just do the webmail. The interface is simple.

Currently working on pointing my www to my blog here since I've got a wonderful host in That part is done at GoDaddy and should be running soon.