Say hello to the Paloma

Happy New Year! I'm sure we're all celebrating 2013 as it comes, so here's a drink that struck me a most appropriate - off with the old and in with the new.

OpenDNS Stickers!

Thank you for the OpenDNS Stickers!! For those who don't know, OpenDNS extends DNS adding features such as misspelling correction, phishing protection,…

Lost in Shangri-La

Mitchell Zuckoff's travels to a beautiful and mysterious valley within the jungles of Dutch New Guinea called the 'Shangri-La'

Goan Fish Curry Recipe

Usually served with a portion of steamed rice, it is spicy and tangy, and enhances the flavour of freshly caught fish.

Recent Mode in Google Apps

Recently faced a dilemma when some of our corporate email was shifted to the Google Standard Edition thereby excluding the need for a local server.

Goodbye 2009

Despite the good weather, calm waves and a light cool breeze, I am trying to write this while my new office is being setup.

Unveiling the “Sixth Sense”

We all know that information known before-hand can greatly tip us in the advantage. May it be while shopping for the newest HD TV or buying groceries.