Moving to Google Apps

So yeah. I finally decided to take a plunge and buy a domain. While shopping I looked at Brinkster, Yahoo! Small Business among others.

WordPress 2.6

I've been test running WordPress 2.6 for a week now and all looks good. Codenamed 'Tyner', 2.6 visually is different from my previous 2.3.2.


So check this out. Cuil pronounced 'cool' as I've read elsewhere is a search engine with the largest index at a 120 billion web pages.

Seen an iPhone 3G yet?

Look, the thing is that the iPhone 3G has been in existence for a good two weeks already. Yet, I've not physically seen of one.


Must admit that blogging via the Wordpress panel can force a blogger to retire early.

DRM out!

After the initial hoo-haa over protecting music online and preventing piracy, the powers have now realized that all has been in vain.

Macheads, the movie

Already receiving some bad reviews on the subject matter, but it has piqued my curiosity anyway.

Happy Easter 2007

Wishing all my friends a Happy Easter 2007. May the spirit of the season be a reflection of good things to come.