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Remixed - Sarah McLachlan

One look at the cover and the inlay card and you’d understand what the music should sound like.

I confirmed this only by turning to the back cover. Yes, this CD contains nine groovy mixes; a result of a collaboration from the likes of BT, DJ Tiësto and Hybrid. Confusion? Doesn’t Sarah write songs that are emotional and striking? How did her smooth voice end up on a near-trance album? Well, her record label has a big collection of top ranking DJ’s as its artists. It was inevitable. Especially after Silence, which was one of the top anthems to hit the dance floors this year, result of a successful collaboration with Delerium. This album isn’t about Sarah. Of course, it is her music that forms the core of the tracks. But dance tracks are a totally different ball game. With beats that match the spin rate of your CD player, it is left up to the Higher Gods of music – DJs - and their sophisticated machinery, to show you how and why. A different side, perhaps.

DJ Monk of the Florida-based electronic outfit ‘Rabbit in the Moon’ mixes Possession, a dark tale written from the perspective of an obsessed fan. He enhances the atmosphere with a gloomy bass riff running throughout the background. BT takes two spaces on the silver CD platter for the hard-hitting tracks; I love you and Hold On. The tracks pack quite a punch. But coming from an artist that many say touched on a new definition of dance and electronic music when he pioneered the "trance" genre, it certainly holds true. Considered, as the reigning number-one by many, DJ Tiësto is another DJ consuming two tracks on the CD with Sweet Surrender and yet another mix of Silence.

Mike Truman, Chris Healings and Lee Mullins are Hybrid whose Super Collider Mix of Fear, forms the first track of the album. William Orbit made famous by Madonna’s Ray of Light takes Black to a new level – and almost makes it sound like a tune from an old western movie. It is a slower track but highly addictive. Chris Fortier of Fade Records releases Plenty. At a little over 10 minutes it is the second longest track on disc. Angel, a Dusted remix is something that you must listen to experience Sarah’s beautiful voice.

This album is a must collect for all clubbers and DJ lovers. Where else will you find music from the top DJs packed into one groovy collection?