Society of Handheld Hushing

While I was travelling from the city, I was seated next to a bright suited gentleman who was trying to score a deal over his cellphone. 

He kept ranting about ridiculous figures of trade and measurements in millimetres.

Normally, I do love to observe people and their faces. It's a great way to understand body language. But I had a tiring and rain-soaked day and was in no mood to listen to anything other than some slow, chillout music on my iPod. At one time though I had to really dig my iPod headphones into my ears to keep his voice from filtering in. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to lose my temper over this. Sometimes things like this need to be handled 'delicately'. Disadvantages of a civilised society. It does get frustrating and often feels like you're 'walking on eggshells'.

So a quick search on the trusty Google for a solution gets me to this website. The Society for Handheld Hushing (SHHH). It's a public service webpage that provides you a PDF document as a free download. This PDF document can be printed on any printer or even as a business card. With half a dozen different card versions on them it's as effective as it is polite.

So while cellphone etiquette catches on, this is the most civilized I could get...