March saw Al Wisal's 5th Anniversary as a popular Arabic radio station in Oman. They added brand new shows, cool apps, and a fresh website. 

Al Wisal is broadcasted in Muscat and Dhofar on 96.5 FM. You can also listen to it online here and here. This is my first attempt at creating a fully functional Arabic website, and I don't understand a word of Arabic, much less read and write it. Thankfully, with some previously done tweaks on one client and and RTL wordpress theme, I got to work and had it up and running in record time for the majestic 5th Anniversary celebrations at the Barr Al Jissah, Shangri La.

The site looked good on the giant screen complete with all the bells and whistles, the presenters faces beamed as the guests saw their faces associated with each show. Radio, like IT, is primarily a back end service, with some radio presenters not coming into the public eye. It felt good to see them feel great.

If Arabic is your first, second or third language, check out Al Wisal 96.5 FM on Facebook, on Twitter at @al_wisal and online.