Happy to announce that Y Magazine is up and running with a brand new website! Responsive out of the box, it's great for mobile readers of Y Magazine.

Built on Wordpress with some premium plugins and cool integrations, and hosted on mediatemple's grid, brings out some of the coolest content in Oman. With a brand new team running the editorial, a spanky new design, I hope that the website feeds the hungry masses online. Designed, implemented and currently updated by yours truly.

Y Magazine is a free weekly publication that brings its readers quality, thought provoking, community sensitive views, and raises awareness on boundary scaling issues. Committed to being daring and vibrant, all the while upholding the responsibility as media to educate, inform and entertain without bias. The result is compelling content, and a fun and exciting experience, taking readers on a captivating journey.

Y is read by the upwardly mobile community of Oman across all nationalities and ages, and is available Free every Thursday from supermarkets to malls, cafes to gyms, cinemas, fuel stations and more across Muscat, Barka and all the way to Sohar.

Get in touch with Y on Facebook, follow on Twitter @ytabloid or just read the flip version on Issuu.

With this website, we're bringing Y centre stage to being the best free weekly in Oman ;)