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Cool and fun live streaming ideas

Cool and fun live streaming ideas

Guilt free video streaming is now just a tap away with Periscope and Meerkat - two of the formidable opponents in the live streaming arena.

Video is one of the hottest trends on social media this year. Youtube and Vimeo make it their business. Facebook has now made it even easier to post, view and interact with video. Even Vine and Instagram have a few-second clips that are shared around.

There’s tons of video available today on the world wide web. Short and long clips, funny and educational, even some boring ones. Somehow home made video feels more genuine and palatable than the commercial counterparts. And we love to laugh at, learn and enjoy creations from others who are just like us - ordinary folks.

With smartphones, it’s now easier to capture content on the go. That’s a big plus. But who ready takes the time to upload video content to social media. By the time you really think about uploading your video, you would have thought ten times about what your posting, evaluated it with you friends and finally decided that its not worth the effort.

The millennials of today think different. Some already have more friends on their feed and every one of them is craving information from their peers. That’s where this thing really kicks off, gathers steam and goes viral.

Guilt free video streaming is now just a tap away with Periscope and Meerkat - two of the formidable opponents in the live streaming arena. There a dearth of comparisons from numerous sources on both of them and that’s not what this article is about.

There are already live streaming kings and queens… with tens of thousands of followers. But everyone needs ideas to get started. Rather than streaming pizza in your microwave or your overfed pet ferret, here are some cool live streaming ideas.

Local Culture

Not everyone can travel around the world to experience local culture. Most watch The Food Channel or experience it in the movies. What you see regularly in your own town could simply be entertaining to someone else around the world. Start by capturing a street performer or a festive event like a carnival.

Your Local Community Market

Weekly, monthly or seasonal markets are a great place to enjoy fresh offerings from your local community. I remember visiting a local market in England and loved the food, the cheese and the local fresh fruits and vegetables on offer. I also remember the auctions on meat, sausage and wine.

Food How to’s?

Do you know how to eat Pani Puri? Its an experience every Indian knows, but a few foreigners try. And this despite the fact that its popular around the world. There's even Vodka infused Pani Puri. Use live streaming to show how to eat food items unique to your country. Better still capture how it’s being prepared, the ingredients and the love.

Local Food Joints

On the food theme, television is cluttered with food channels. So why not you? If you’re a foodie, like I am, you’d love to try out new street food and share them with your fans worldwide. In the bargain you may just help yourself to some good food.

Live Events

This may be illegal depending on the type of event but Live Events are a great opportunity to build your fanbase. I’m not talking about streaming a live event while you watch it on your TV, but an actual event in the middle of the fans around you experiencing the highs and lows. A football match perhaps?

Video is just another app you use in your social life today. But its important to get your creativity flowing. After all there are no boundaries to what you can do with Periscope or Meerkat.

Explore the world, go places, and share your community with your online community.

What are you going to live stream today?