Mac or Windows: The OS-less Series...

Over the years many have asked me to decide on the best OS for them. This time I'm looking away.

There are various ways to look at this. Simplicity, Accessibility, Affordability, etc, etc. Operating systems are good. They keep your system running and are required to connect everything from that flashy new camera, to that old and dusty scanner. But for most of us, and OS does nothing else. The applications running on it do the work. As far as I'm concerned the OS is just a translator between me and the hardware.

So why all the fuss?

I've always known that centalised solutions were better than desktop solutions and this is a good reason as any. With the advent of MySpace and Gmail it becomes clearer that tomorrow desktop computers will have a less role to play in some of our daily activities.

It's funny how I studied about headless nodes (technical for computers with no storage space included) in the late 90's and why it is all becoming relevant now. Global Village, you say. Easy Access, I say. Everyone is jet setting. Everyone is using mobiles to send email. Everyone is sharing photos, music, documents. Everyone is getting broadband cheap. So why bind ourselves to the desktop computer.

Privacy is the obvious question. But really think about it. Security is manageable. Google does it. Why not everybody else? Just because your data lies in your home does not mean it is secure either. Why not trust a company to secure it for you? A fine line yes, but possible. Independent International Security Organizations, without links to any country, can do it for you. We already have some of the larger companies managing data online. EMC, Dell, Seagate and even Amazon can safeguard your data.

So can we really get rid of the Operating System. Does it really matter if we have a Mac or a Windows or a Linux? This series brings to light some of the applications that are already there to help us move towards an OS-less world.

Can you imagine accessing your documents at home, or at that hotel in Ibiza? Always available. Not worrying if data gets lost, corrupted while being emailed.

Quite innovative solutions. Must read.