Man on fire

Set in Mexico the movie is a power packed action thriller bringing out the delicate nature of a child kidnapping and one man's struggle to bring justice to the victims.


Based on parallel events, the screenwriter Michael Cooney has twisted a web of cunning and mystery to create one of today’s most intelligent thrillers – a rare feat achieved only by the very genius.


Even though this section of the genre is not entirely exclusive, its very nature produces some of the best movies you’ll probably see.


With a tagline that says "a true underdog story", Dodgeball certainly turns out to be an entertaining sports comedy.

Pierluigi Collina

Playing the man in charge of a football game can be quite a nerve-racking task – for most of us, that is. This man however, is no newcomer to the job. 


So here I am once again. Repeated attempts at blogging have left me tired. I've learnt that I cannot commit…