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White Lilies Island

With this new album Natalie Imbruglia confirms her position in the niche market

Torn’ her debut full-length single, which incidentally spent 14 weeks at number one, sold a million copies and broke the record for most airplay in U.K. history.

It certainly looks like this pretty songstress is having very few things working against her imminent success.  ‘White lilies island’ just picks up from where ‘Left of the Middle’ left but almost after a gap of 3 years. What did the ex Australian soap opera star from ‘Neighbours’ do during this time? Well, it’s right in your face. The new single ‘That Day’ is the first thing we’ve heard from her (by pop standards) in a very long while. Written in the UK and America, but recorded in London with a variety of producers, White Lilies Island is the sound of a grown-up artist who is secure in her abilities and who has lived and loved enough to have something worthwhile to say.

Drawing on the likes of women like Alanis Morissette and Lisa Loeb, Natalie has achieved just that and in a variety of music styles. While the new material has the freewheeling, self-propelling feel of some of our favourite bands, it is definitely not something like Mariah Carey, at least vocally. The new music stresses on her life and it seems like she has sobered down to a mellow tone. But the rich vibrant guitaring made famous by ‘Torn’ is ever present.

Yes, this album is what you would want to keep at home, specially if your collections include the early rockers. As you’ll surely find out the music is inclined towards male rock music except that a female performs it. Hence it is somehow not harsh to listen to. Interesting combination in a way that appeals to all. You’ll definitely listen to it when you need a moody candlelight melody while still keeping it to rock!